English Menu – Summer ’18

Fixed Price Menus

Lunchtime menu
« Col Mitja »

Only served on weekday lunchtimes excluding bank holidays

1 starter and main courseOr 1 main course and dessert from the menu Col Rouge

« Col Rouge »

Only served on weekday lunchtimes excluding bank holidays

Mussels cooked on the coals


Serrano ham with toasts & tomato
Slow cooked shank of veal


Piece of hake baked in the oven
Flat Catalan ‘Le Pa d’Ou’ – traditional baked egg custard
Homemade chocolate mousse with 46% milk chocolate from Brazil
Sorbet or ice-cream of the day

« Bien Être »

Chilled melon soup with basil

+ – 120 calories


Salmon roasted with spices with a coffee sauce and smoke vegetable salad

+ – 210 calories

Panna cotta with verbena, raspberries and a raspberry sauce

+ – 170 calories

Approximately 500 calories excluding bread and drinks


Menu «Col de
Finestrelles »

Smoked vegetable ‘upside-down’ tart with Buffalo burratina cheese
Mangalica ham with toasts and tomato
Shoulder of slow cooked Catalan lamb finished on the grill
Fish of the day cooked on the grill or in the oven with fresh virgin olive oil

Choice of dessert from the menu (excluding café gourmand)

Menu Cailla – leave it to the chef!
65€ per person

For everyone at the same table the chef offers a menu of multiple courses based on his inspiration.

Children’s menu
(For the under 10’s) 12€

Pan fried chicken strips with old fashioned mash
A piece of meat from the grill

Pa d’où – baked egg custard
Chocolate Mousse


  • Cariolette mushroom flan made with organic eggs, with herb salad and dressing from Canigou fir trees… 15€
  • Summer tart with a pastry base, onions slow-cooked on the grill and smoked sardine … 15€
  • Foie-gras, partly cooked and marinated in Banyuls wine, with apricot jelly … 17€
  • Tomato tart with Buffalo burratina cheese … 15€
  • Small Catalan snails, grilled and served with garlic mayonnaise (the best way to try them!) … 16€

Et notre cave à jambons (…plus)

  • MANGALICA  … 18€

For your convenience we do not flavour the bread with garlic but if you would like it please just let us know.

Main courses

  • Classic raw steak tartare finely chopped by hand and prepared in front of you … 22€
  • Piece of steak (faux filet on the bone) cooked on the grill: (approx 400gr min 1 person.) … 29€
  • Piece of steak (faux filet on the bone) cooked on the grill: (approx 500gr per person.) … 48€
  • Presa cut of Pata Negra pork chop with anchovy sauce (usually served under-cooked or bleeding) … 23€
  • Einkorn wheat Risotto with a whole de-shelled lobster flash cooked on the grill … 36€
  • Piece of rosé Veal from the Pyrénées with cherry Guinelle vinegar… 24€


All of our desserts are developed on the premises – and to make it easier for you to decide they are all 8,90€

  • Selection of mountain cheeses
  • Deconstructed lemon tart
  • The original Peach Melba just as it was created by Auguste Escofier
  • Valrhona Chocolate Trilogy – a chocolate mousse with 46% milk chocolate, a dark chocolate sauce with 62% chocolate, and iced white chocolate cream
  • Apricot and apple tart with apricot sorbet
  • The one and only Tiramisu
  • Milk chocolate mousse (Brazilian chocolate from Valrhona)
  • Pa d’Ou – traditional baked egg custard
  • Le Café Gourmand 9,30€

Dishes “Canaille” to pre-order

Veal shank with lentils (min 4 servings) …100€
Spit roast leg of lamb (min 4 servings) … 100€

And of course the classics – veal stew, lamb stew etc. Order two days beforehand.

Please ask about our takeaway dishes: paellas, fideua, black rice risotto etc…

The Bread: The important element of your meal is made by Henri POCH from the Convent Bakery in Ille sur Tet “The Best Bakery worker in France 2000” – also a fellow member of the white caps of Roussillon.

The Beef: Our beef is selected by the Guasch butcher and only sourced from French breeds (ie Charolais, Limousin, Aubrac, Blond d’Aquitaine).

Our dishes are only made on the premises