Our Menu

Lunchtime menu “Col Midja” … 17€
Not served at weekends or on bank holidays

From the Menu “Col Rouge” choose
a starter + main course
a main course + dessert

Menu “Col Rouge” … 22€
Homemade Fish Soup
18 month old Serrano ham with toasts & tomato

Slow cooked shoulder of lamb finished in a wood-fired oven
Le Trinxat de Cerdagne
A typical dish from Cerdagne (a historical region of the eastern Pyrenees divided between France and Spain) of pan friend potatoes and crushed winter cabbage served with bacon

Flan Catalan “Le Pa d’Ou” – traditional baked egg custard
Homemade chocolate mousse with 64% chocolate from Valrhona
Sorbet or ice cream of the day

 Menu “Col de Finestrelles” … 30€
Marbled foie gras and oxtail
24 month Iberian ham with toasts & tomato

Pork filet mignon from Marty’s farm with local saffron, traditional mash and saffron cream sauce
Thick slice of cod cooked on the grill served with Catalan style ratatouille

Choice of dessert from the menu

  Menu Cailla “leave it to the chef!” … 45€
For everyone at the same table the chef offers a surprise menu of multiple courses

Children’s Menu for the under 10s … 11€
Catalan Macaroons (Lightly gratinated meat and tomatoes)
A piece of meat from the grill

Flan Catalan “Le Pa d’Ou” – traditional baked egg custard
Chocolate Mousse


L’Escalivada – a Catalan dish of smokey vegetables and fresh home-
pickled anchovies cooked in a wood-fired oven … 11€
Marbled foie gras with oxtail, seasonal salad with ginger vinegar and
wafer thin toasts with Espelette chilli 14€
Grilled Snails with garlic mayonnaise (if you like snails this is the best way to
enjoy them – ideal for beginners!) 15€
Prawn Carpaccio (subject to availability) 17€
Seasonal mushroom salad with shelled boiled egg, chives; shallots & shavings
of Tomme cheese 11€

Dried Hams
All our hams are served with Catalan toast and tomato.
For your convenience we do not roast the bread with garlic but if you would like it please just let us know.
Serrano Bernuy (24 months old) 13€
Cul Noir de Bigorre (24 months old) from the Matayron farm in Lasserade
in the Gers 20€
Iberique Bellota (36 months old) 24€
Mangalica (24 months old) 18€

A brief glossary

IBERIAN: There are 3 types:
– The Bellota (acorn) which comes from free range Iberian pigs fed exclusively on acorns . This is the Rolls Royce of hams and the one we offer.
– Recebo – which comes from Iberian pigs fed on acorns and compound feed.
– Cebo which comes from Iberian pigs fed only compound feed.

SERRANO Serrano comes from the name Sierra (mountain in French). Serrano ham is most similar to French mountain ham. Our BERNUY is dried naturally at 1000 m altitude in the area of Segovia –it has a sweet flavour as a result of slowly maturing in this way

CUL BLACK de BIGORRE : A Pyrenean breed of pork which had almost disappeared, ours comes from Matayron a farm-in Lasserade in the Gers. A rare French hams that is most similar to the Iberian Spanish ham.

MANGALICA: A woolly pig of Hungarian origin which was once endangered. Unknown until its recovery by Juan Vicente Olmos. Its breeding was restarted in Hungary. In Spain, the ham undergoes the same maturing and drying process a drying as Iberian ham, which gives it a unique flavour well worth discovering.

All our hams are available to purchase from the restaurant (full ham, half ham, with or without bone or shoulder – please see our price list at the back of the menu

The Bread

The important element of your meal is made by Henri POCH from the Convent Bakery in Ille sur Tet “The Best Bakery worker in France 2000” – also a fellow member of the white caps of Roussillon.

Main Courses
Classic raw steak tartare finely cut by hand & prepared in front of you 20€
Piece of steak cooked on the grill 21€
Piece of steak cooked on the grill with an escalope of foie gras 25€
Chunky piece of farmhouse pork from the Marty’s farm in St Léocadie served
with a shallot, gherkin & tomato sauce 21€
Slice of Veal “Rosée des Pyrénées” with forest mushrooms (subject to
availability) 22€
Black risotto with shelled lobster very lightly cooked à la plancha 35€
Fresh squid à la plancha deglazed with white wine and parsley (subject
to availability) 19€

All of our desserts are developed on the premises – and to give you the chance to choose whatever you desire they are all 8,20€!

Selection of mountain cheeses
A pot of jam Trompe l’œil – a soft and crunchy combination of chocolate and raspberry
Crème Brulée with thyme and a spoonful of honey ice-cream
Rum Baba – A true baba served with whipped cream; red fruits and a good dose of old rum
Dismantled Lemon Tart
Real Tiramisu
Dark chocolate crunchy fondant bonbons with 64% Manjari chocolate – the classic chocolate flowing dessert revisited!

Café Gourmand 8,70€

Dishes “Canaille” to pre-order
Veal shank with lentils (minimum 4 servings) Order at least 2 hours in advance 90€
Spit Roast Leg of Lamb (minimum 4 servings) Order at least 2 hours in advance 100€

And of course the classics: veal stew, lamb stew etc.. Order two days beforehand.

Please ask about our takeaway dishes: paellas , fideua; black rice risotto etc …